Volodymyr S. KOVALENKO

Volodymyr S. KOVALENKO
Date of Birth
June 20,1941
Kiev Polytechnic Institute(KPI)
  • D.Sc.
  • Ph.D
  • Eng.Diploma(Master)
  • Visiting Professor, Okayama University
  • Head, Professor of Laser Technology and Material Science Department, KPI
  • Director, Laser Technology Research Institute
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
  • Laser Technology and Material Science Department, KPI
Latest Topics of Research
  • Development and study of rapid prototyping, based on powder laser cladding.
  • Study the process of laser sharing (cutting or scribing) of semiconductor materials.
  • Laser sharing and shaping of natural diamonds for jewelry industry.
  • Laser piercing of micro holes in platinum and ceramic dies for fiber industry.
  • Study of different hybrid process of laser hardening , alloying and cladding.
  • Study on laser application in medical treatment.
  • Study of the possibilities to use robotized laser system to desintegrate Object "Shelter" of the Chernobyl
    Atomic Station and other applications of laser in electric power industry.Laser Machining
Main Publications (Total number is more than 490.)
  • Kovalenko V.S., Laser technology, "Vyscha Schola", Kiev, 1989, 279 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Lavrinovich A.V., Laser Machining of Ceramic Materials, "Technika", Kiev, 1991, 119 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Technology and Equipment for Electro-Physical and Electro-Chemical methods of material machining, "Vyscha Schola", Kiev, 1983, 176 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Kotlyarov V.P., Dyatel V.P., et al., Handbook on Technology of Laser Machining,(General Editor V.S. Kovalenko), "Technika", Kiev, 1985, 167 p. (Translated and republished in Boulgaria by "Technica",Sofia, in 1987).
  • Kovalenko V.S., Material Machining with Pulsed Laser Radiation, "Vyscha Schola", 1977, 144 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Verhoturov A.D., Golovko L.F., Podchernyaeva I.A., Laser and Electro-Erosion material Hardening, "Nauka", Moscow, 1986, 276 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Romanenko V.V., Oleschuk L.M., Highly Efficient Processes of Laser Material cutting, "Technika", Kiev, 1987, 130 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Golovko L.F., Components Hardening with Laser Beam,(General Editor Kovalenko V.S.), "Technika", 1981, 131 p. (Translated and republished in PRC by "Defence Publishing House" in 1983).
  • Kovalenko V.S., Verhoturov A.D., Golovko L.F. et al., Laser and Electro-Disharge Hardening of Materials, Plenum Publishing Corp., New York, 1988, 286 p.
  • Kovalenko V.S., Advanced Methods of Laser Material Machining, "Vyscha Schola", Kiev, 1985, 88 p.
  • Kartavov S.A., Kovalenko V.S., Technological Applications of Optical Quantum Generators, "Technika", Kiev, 1967, 92 p.
Social Activity
  • Academician of Academy of Eng.@Sc. of Ukraine
  • Laser Institute of America
  • IEEE
  • LEOS
  • Canadian Industrial Laser Association
  • CIRP
  • The Council of NTUU Award "The Honorary Professor of KPI" - 1998
  • The President of Ukraine Award - Order "For Merits"- 1997
  • The USSR Council of Ministers Prize - 1990
  • The State Prize of Ukraine - 1982
  • The President of Ukraine Award "The Honorary Scientist of Ukraine" - 1993
  • Ministry of Higher Education Award "For Excellency in education" - 1989
  • Ministry of Higher Education Prize for Excellent Research - 1981, 1986
  • Kiev Polytechnic Inst. Prize - 1985
  • Golden Medal of State Exhibition 1988
  • Bronze Medal 1983, 1986
  • The Honorary Decoration "Inventor of USSR" - 1985
Address in Kiev
  • 252056, Kyiv, Ukraine Pr. Peremohy, 37
  • E-mail : kovinvst@sovamua.com
  • Telephone : +380-44-274-0277
  • Facsimile : +380-44-274-0277
Address in Japan
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